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About Us - Deborah Copeland & Laura Walker Independent Artists

Deborah Copeland moved to Scotland in 1979 and is married with 3 grownup children and numerous family pets some of whom have been the inspiration behind her artwork.  By day Deborah holds down a full-time job in a school office and uses her time in between the chaos of family life and work to  escape to her  'Art Den'.

Having never previously considered herself capable of producing art Deborah has discovered a love of putting brush to canvas and using painting as a means of relaxing as well as crafting, re-purposing and up-cycling items.


Laura Walker has always resided in Dumfries & Galloway and is a married full time working mother of 4 who has no time to paint but does!  She used to dabble with art before having her children and with her youngest starting secondary school thought she would pick up her brushes again.


After attending a fine art class a couple of years ago they both took the decision to collaborate and now combine their talents under the umbrella of Copeland Walker Art painting for relaxation and finding inspiration in the surrounding countryside, buildings and daily family life. 

Recent artwork and artisan items have found their way to adorn homes in New Zealand,  Barbados,  Dubai, Holland, Spain, America & Italy as well as being available in local shops in Dumfries and Galloway and Edinburgh. 

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